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wand hoax


love bread
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wandhoax icons

Wandhoax Icons is an icon/graphic journal of oseprocse. I am sort of new to the icon making world. Everything in it is made by me, and thus, here are some simple rules for you to follow:

Please COMMENT when you're taking an icon. I want to keep track of who likes what, if I am doing okay, etc. Feedback is a good thing.
CREDIT when you're taking my icons. This journal's purpose is to spread icon love, and people won't know where the icon came from if you don't credit. If you don't know how to due this, check the FAQ
And for goodness sake, DO NOT HOTLINK. I will hunt you down and cut your throat.

*I do take requests. But you have to have patience.



I am always on the lookout for new affiliates. If you would like to be one, please comment in one of my icon posts.